Science Fair 2019!
Science Fair 2019!
Mellissa Newman
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The 26th annual Science Fair is in the books for Ennis Schools. This event takes a lot of hardwork from many people and is coordinated by Ennis High School Science Teacher, Kelly Leo. The results are posted below. Great job to all participants.

Science Fair Placings – 2019

 4th Grade:

       Biological:   1st Place (Medal):  Tara Keller   

                             2nd Place:  Colton Hopper          

                             3rd Place:  Reese Dickinson and Megan Carney                  

           Physical:    1st Place (Medal): Barrett Garland       

                             2nd Place:  Peter Kelley             

                             3rd Place:  Ella Rolfe                 

 5th Grade:

       Biological:    1st Place (Medal): Izzy Haas

                             2nd Place:  Isabelle Hawkins                

                             3rd Place:  Hannah Stecker                 

           Physical:      1st Place (Medal): Kiera Rice      

                             2nd Place:  Brummie Boggus                 

                             3rd Place:  Emmisla Bell-Reed              

 6th Grade:

       Biological:   1st Place (Medal):  Caden Lovett

                             2nd Place:  Ryker Swanson         

                             3rd Place:  Jaden Satre-Hutchins

       Physical:      1st Place (Medal):  Finley Knapton        

                             2nd Place:  Ben Inman

                             3rd Place:  Ally Hilton

 7th Grade:

        Biological:   1st Place  (Medal) : Hannah Todd and Elizabeth Olsen                

 8th Grade:                               

          Biological:    1st Place (Medal):  Josey Blazer 

                             2nd Place:  Genesis Boyles and Rylee Klasna

                             3rd Place:  Tanner Inman

                             4th Place:  Kaycee Fredson

           Physical:      1st Place (Medal):  Gillian Gilbert         

                             2nd Place:  Paul Christensen                

                             3rd Place:  Marlyssa Ledgerwood

 10th Grade:

       Behavioral Science:        1st Place (Medal): Elina Dilschneider and Avery Oliver      

                                                2nd Place:  Jarrrett Jenkins and Ian Swanson

       Physical:               1st Place (Medal):  Kaya Fiedor  

                                      2nd Place:  Kyle LaClair    

                                      3rd Place:  Samantha Lake

       Biological:          1st Place (Medal):  Rebekah Cook

                                      2nd Place:  Landri Paladichuk and Jenna Snider

                                      3rd Place:  Chance Story            

Special Awards:

Ennis Booster Club - TI Inspire Calculators - Rebekah Cook and Kaya Fiedor

Ennis Arts Association - three $50 awards - Isabelle Hawkinson, Cooper Spicer and Caden Lovett

Ennis Chamber of Commerce - two $25 chamber cash - Olivia Lohrenz and Brianna Daems

Ennis Recycling Group - two $50 awards - Kyle LaClair and Kaya Fiedor

Madison Valley Bank - two $100 awards - Mrs. Glines 2nd Grade Class and Hannah Todd/Elizabeth Olsen

Jack Creek Preserve - three $100 awards - Tanner Inman, Nicky Johnson/Will Inman, Colton Hopper

Lions Club - one $100 award - Izzy Haas

Madison Conservation District - two $75 awards - Chance Story and Josey Blazer

Madison Valley Education Association - one $50 award - Hannah Todd/Elizabeth Olsen

Madison Farm to Fork - two $50 awards - Isabelle Hawkinson and Hannah Stecker

Madison Valley Medical Center - two $50 awards - Rebekah Cook and Finley Knapton

Madison River Foundation - two $100 awards - Josey Blazer and Colton Hopper

Madison Valley Womens Club - five $100 awards - Madi Jo Nelson, Sal Fanelli, Mrs. Klein’s Kindergarten class, Bronwyn Comer, and Kyle LaClair

ReMax Realty - two $50 awards - Ms. Myers 1st Grade Class and Megan Barsness/Zoe Green

T & E Storage - one $100 award - Ben Inman

Madison Valley Lodging - one $100 award - Elina Dilschneider/Avery Oliver

Imerys Yellowstone Mine - three $50 awards - Kaya Fiedor, Izzy Haas, and Morgan Kloote

INA Accounting - one $100 award - Hannah Todd/Elizabeth Olsen