August 27, 2021

Dear Ennis Mustang Families and Ennis Community,

It was a great first week here at Ennis Schools and it was refreshing and so exciting to see all the staff and students. There are a lot of new faces!  It is safe to say that our enrollment has gone up significantly, which we anticipated.  We have an additional 32 students this year and it is more than likely we will see more in the coming week. Our numbers are 226 students in K-6th, 62 students in 7-8th, and 124 students 9-12th making our K-12 enrollment 412. 

One of the big messages that was expressed to staff and students on the first day was to be respectful of everyone’s personal choices, especially the choice to wear or not to wear a facial covering.  It is understandable that there are some nervous kids and parents about how their choice will be viewed.  We want to ensure that we will continue to send that message on a consistent basis. 

As far as cleaning protocols, those have remained the same in the school and we are pretty close to being fully staffed in our custodial department, but still short a custodian. The emphasis is to disinfect high touch areas thoroughly on a consistent basis and in between student use.  Our air handling system is also very efficient in keeping  clean air circulated throughout the school.  If you want to learn more about the repon plan and the cleaning procedures and protocols, please view the school website for additional information

Another issue that may be misleading and concerning is the federal requirement of masking on buses.  It has been confusing for folks as it contradicts what the current school board policy states on masking in the school buildings.  At this time, we are to follow federal law on buses and have been working with our state organizations, senators, and representative to have our voice heard to allow local school boards to have the authority to make those decisions. In regards to school transportation, we are still short sub bus drivers and activity drivers.  We are trying our hardest to keep our buses going down the road, but need your help in spreading the word!

We are excited for a full week of school next week!  We are heading into next week with a full head of steam with academics as well as JH and HS athletics.  The Mustangs football team will play in Fort Benton tonight, our HS VB girls will be playing at a tournament in Choteau today and tomorrow, and our HS CC team will be in Boulder tomorrow.   Some have asked about Colt Club for our K-5 students.  That is a work in progress at this time and we appreciate your patience as we get that all figured out.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I cannot thank you enough for making Ennis schools a great place for kids.  There is a lot of work to do and we all need to keep following our protocols to keep our school open.  Just a reminder that there are several important resources on our school website for you to become familiar with.  I hope that everyone has a relaxing weekend with family and friends! 


Casey Klasna - Superintendent