Dear Ennis Mustang Families and Ennis Community,

We hope that everyone is well and in the midst of an enjoyable weekend spent with family and friends.  With our surrounding circumstances, we sure appreciate your support and kind words as that support keeps us going strong at school, so thank you.  Just like everywhere, people are stressed and emotional with the whole situation, so we please ask everyone to just be kind to one another and continue to support each other, the community, and the school.  The last thing we need is negativity towards an already very stressful situation. 

As everyone is well aware, our state, county, community, and school have seen a fairly good increase in Covid-19 cases. This week it has slowed down at school compared to the end of last week and we are hoping that will be the case next week as well.  Let’s all continue to do the right thing and stay vigilant.  We commend the parents for keeping your children home if they are sick as this will only help keep sickness out of our school.  If your child is not feeling well, it is ok to keep them home. We continue to strongly encourage you to contact us about testing and to contact your health provider about immunization against Covid-19.  

The school board meeting was on Monday, September 13th, where there was lengthy discussion on the school reopen plan.  The plan has remained the same at this point, but it was strongly suggested and emphasized that the plan be followed and implemented to the best of everyone’s ability. The most discussed topic again was facial coverings where the board voted to continue optional facial coverings.  It is strongly recommended that families send their children to school with masks if that is their preference.  It has been observed that several families and staff have worn facial coverings at school.  

There continues to be confusion with some regarding student quarantines. Please know  that the school does not quarantine students, but we do cooperate with Madison Public County Health when it comes to contact tracing investigations.  We are thankful for the efforts of the Madison County Health department for all they are doing during such an overwhelming time.  

There was a Madison County Commissioners meeting on Friday where a portion of the meeting focused on quarantines and for the commissioners and the board of health to look at alternative ways to keep students and staff in school.  We understand that there are still several variables with this pandemic and how quarantines could be altered.  The commissioners will be meeting to discuss this further on Tuesday, September 21.  

Our building project is making progress and we are very excited about this.  We continue to grow our enrollment and just this year we had an 8.5% increase. The school continues to field calls from families wanting to move to the Ennis community on a fairly consistent basis.  Looking at the live birth data in the county as well as the amount of building going on in the Madison Valley, the additional new space is justified.  We will be setting up informational boards at school events to share information and to talk with the community about this important project.  The project design concept has changed slightly from what is currently on the school website, but the new design concept still meets the district’s goals.  The new design reconfigures traffic flow, student drop-off/pickup, brings the facility up to current code, keeps all students and staff K-12 on the same campus, adds a new gym/community event center, a new JH and HS wing, a new community/school regulation track at the bus barn property, and allows for a new spacious facility to enhance a safe and positive learning environment. The major difference in this design is that it will not require abandoning a portion of Charles Street.  We encourage folks to become familiar with the documents on the school website and to contact the school if you have questions.

The K-12 Open House that is scheduled for Wednesday, September 22 is still on, but has been slightly modified. Since parent teacher conferences are scheduled for the following week on Thursday, September 30th, it was decided to incorporate more of the classroom portion of the open house with the parent teacher conferences.  We will still have the BBQ at the school on September 22, where we will grill up some hot dogs, serve ice cream, as well as have informational boards on our building project.  It is looking like it will be a nice evening for families with fairly decent weather. The BBQ will kick off at 6pm followed by the Homecoming bonfire at 7pm.  In between the BBQ and the bonfire we encourage families to enjoy our outside campus with your children on our playgrounds, football field, and new basketball courts.  This will be a great time to just relax, visit, and enjoy the finer things in life. 

I would like to shout out to our Ennis Board of Trustees for their support and acting on some very difficult decisions.  Lastly, a HUGE shout out to our faculty and staff for adjusting their daily plans at any given moment and continuing to stay the course in making our school a great place for kids.    Let us all continue to move forward in a positive light and look out for one another.  Working together is the key to a successful year as well as respecting each other’s differences.  The situation we are faced with as a community is not easy and if we stay united we will be successful. 

In closing, thank you all for your support, patience and understanding.


Casey Klasna - Superintendent