At the April 2018 school board meeting, Trustees adopted Policy #3351 which outlines a random drug testing program for students involved in activities.  This policy was discussed at length for over a year.  The policy is intended to keep our school safe, our students safe, and our activities clean.  We are also hoping this will serve as a deterrent and give kids another reason to say no.  This policy will be enforced this school year. 

Lane and Associates will be administering the tests and are a certified drug testing company that is contracted with many schools around the state.  They are highly recommended.  There are strict procedures that will be followed and student privacy is the main priority.  

This policy is not intended to get kids in trouble, but rather to keep them safe and to get them the required help.  The policy can be found on the school website as well as in the activity participation handbook.  As part of the policy, we are required to give an orientation to students and parents prior to the start of fall activities.

All students who are participating in any extracurricular or co-curricular activity during the school year, must have a signed consent form #3351F  prior to the first fall practices. If they do not have a signed consent form prior to the fall practices, there are procedures outlined in the policy that adhere to that.  This form can be found in the activity participation handbook. 

Please join us, Thursday, August 2nd at 6p.m. in the school cafeteria to learn more about this policy.  Thanks so much!