Dear Ennis Mustang Families and Ennis Community,

Happy Friday!  The Missoula Children’s Theater performance, Johnny Appleseed, is this Saturday, February 26th at 2:00pm and 4:30pm in the Elementary Gym!  These kids have been working very hard to deliver a great performance. If you can make it, that would be great.  We have some very talented young actors and actresses! A big thank you to everyone who makes this possible. 

We are looking for any and all information on affordable staff housing.  The school district owns 5 affordable housing units that are designated for the recruitment and retention of new teachers.   However, the need for staff housing is outgrowing what we can offer, unfortunately. We understand that rent costs have risen significantly in Ennis and the surrounding areas, making it very difficult to afford.  In the bond resolution that recently failed, the language specified that bond proceeds would build staff housing to support recruitment and retention efforts.  This will still more than likely be an approach if a future bond comes before the voters.  If you have any information on year round or seasonal rentals, please contact me at the school and I will pass on the information. 

You should be receiving a questionnaire in the mail on the recent bond election.  This can be filled out and sent back to the school or you can fill it out online.  There is a QR code that you can access as well.  Your feedback is so important to us and it will help us make a decision as how to proceed with a future bond effort.  Just a reminder for folks to please look at the enrollment projections based off of live birth data and the report that explains and justifies the need for the expansion and renovation.  All of this important information is on the school website.  It is strongly encouraged that you contact the school if you have any questions. 

This is the third week now in a row of ZERO reported covid cases in the school.  Let’s keep that trajectory going!

Please check out the Employment tab on the school website for information on positions we have available.  We are looking for a custodian immediately, an office secretary for next school year, and bus drivers for next year.  EXCELLENT BENEFITS!  

I cannot stress enough my gratitude for what the Ennis Community does for our school and the students.  We are certainly supported in our efforts and it shows.   Have a wonderful weekend!


Casey Klasna - Supt.