Greetings from Ennis Schools!  The 2018-2019 school year is off to a great start--it’s hard to believe that we have already concluded Quarter 1 and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  A few things I’d like to share about the district:

Technology – We are in the 3rd year of the 7 year technology levy approved by you, our shareholders.  This levy has benefited our teachers and students in so many ways: Every student has access to a computer or device that makes learning more personalized. Our high school students have been assigned their own laptop to use throughout the school year, ipads and laptops are available in K-8 classrooms, and computer labs are available throughout the school. Every classroom now has a smartboard, and we continue to bring professional technological development to our teachers so they can best use technology in classrooms so our students have a modern and active learning environment.

Also because of the levy, we are also able to contract a new IT company who is in the school part- time.  Until this school year, we have had a company manage our data remotely. Having an IT person part of our team on campus to manage, troubleshoot and provide IT assistance to our students and staff has boosted efficiency and productivity.

School Nurse –  Thanks to a generous partnership with Madison Valley Medical Center, Ennis School District now has a part-time registered school nurse.  The school nurse has been an incredible asset to our staff and students. With this partnership, we are not only promoting a healthy school, but also a healthy community.    

Reading and Math Intervention Specialist – This position is also a new addition and amazing asset to our school this year.  This position works closely with teachers and their students who may be having difficulty in reading or math to close potential learning gaps.

New Addition - We are excited for our new addition on the south side of the High School gymnasium.   This new addition enhances safety and security at our school by allowing more space for our students as well as better supervision.  In addition, we now have adequate space for school equipment and supplies, which we no longer have to store in the hallways of the school.

Greenhouse – Due to the ongoing and successful support and partnerships with the Madison Conservation District and Madison Farm to Fork, a greenhouse was donated for school use.   The greenhouse expands on our very successful elementary school garden, and we are thrilled for the opportunities this will afford our students. They will be able to explore and expand their knowledge in culinary and applied science classes, and eventually all of our students will benefit from greenhouse production in the lunchroom.

Driver Shortages –  Bus driver shortage is an ongoing issue statewide and districts are struggling in finding drivers for routes and activities.  Because of shortages, we had to eliminate the Jack Creek Route this school year due to the shortage of drivers. We are so fortunate to have the drivers we do in Ennis. Our drivers are top notch who care about each and every student they transport to and from school and activities.  However, we still need additional drivers and will continue to advertise. We welcome anyone to talk to the school if interested in driving whether it be an activity driver, a potential route driver, or a substitute driver.

Custodian Shortages – This year we are short two full-time custodians. It has been difficult to fill these positions, so we have been utilizing student workers to assist our staff. These positions offer an outstanding benefit package and a chance to be part of an even more outstanding team.  We would also consider hiring part time employees. Please contact the school if you are interested in full, part-time, or substituting in the custodial department.


We will continue to keep in touch, making transparency and communication a priority. Our Business Education Class is publishing “The Scuttlebutt” weekly news which is placed around town at the various businesses.  Our High School journalism class also publishes a monthly newspaper called “Mustang Monthly” which shares the great things happening at school. The district website ( and mobile app (available at Apple Store or Google Play) are also great ways to keep in touch with school happenings.  We want to share our story with as many people as we can, so please take advantage of everything we have to offer. If you ever have questions, please call.

As our enrollment continues to increase, we continue to meet challenges that come with more students such as space and varying educational and technological needs. We are confident that because of our outstanding staff of teachers, paraprofessionals, office staff, and a generous community that actively supports our students, they are in good hands.   

In closing, we wish each and every one of you a great fall season.  We cannot thank you enough for your generous support of our school and most importantly our students.