The counseling department at Ennis Schools provides support to students throughout the year in the following areas:

Improving Academic and Social Skills
Mrs. McKay visits elementary and middle school classes on a regular basis for "Peer Groups." The time (usually 50 minutes) is geared toward helping students become better students, friends, and citizens. Mrs. McKay uses a variety of games, simulations, team-building activities, and problem-solving situations for students to gain a better sense of how they can positively interact with peers and adults and become better students.

Individual Counseling
There may be a time when students need to visit with an adult about problems that are affecting their lives. Both Mrs. McKay and Mr. Lingle visit with students individually to work through life's challenges that may include:

  •  falling behind in school / study skills / poor grades
  •  divorce
  •  death in the family
  •  making and maintaining friends
  •  understanding socially appropriate behaviors
  •  eating disorders
  •  depression

Families may decide to seek outside professional counseling services in coordination with or in place of school counseling services. School counselors are happy to assist with finding a professional counselor.

Career and College Readiness
Mr. Womacks works with high school students to prepare for life after high school. Each student will be involved in the following activities in school to help them to become college and career ready.

  •  Complete the MCIS Interest Inventory
    • After the Interest Inventory, each student will determine their strongest interest areas
      and find careers that match their interests
  •  Research educational programs that offer degrees, certificates, or training for their desired
  •  FAFSA Night will be available to seniors and their families to complete the FAFSA
    (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  •  Receive information on available scholarships and programs for students. 
  •  College and Recruiter Visits -These opportunities are currently being held virtually.
  •  Fall Tour College Fair - The College Fair is currently on a virtual platform.
  •  Much of Ms. Diehl's Life Skills course is dedicated to helping seniors become college and
    career ready. In Ms. Diehl's class, seniors gain experience with resume building,
    job and college applications, interviewing, scholarship applications, financial aid
    applications, money management, budgeting, and much more. A special thanks to Ms. Diehl!