IMPORTANT NOTE:Scholarship sponsors may modify their scholarship at any time. Be sure to pay attention to due dates for the various scholarships. Below you will find a section for scholarships that use the EHS Universal Application and a section for scholarships with special application requirements and due dates. SEE THE LEFT-HAND SIDE OF THIS PAGE FOR APPLICATION LINKS!

Scholarship applications using the common application are due in the counselor’s office by March 16 and must include a cover letter, resume, and one (1) letter of recommendation.


Amount: Variable.

No restrictions. Awarded to a graduating EHS student who has demonstrated a strong work ethic and good character. GPA is not a consideration for this scholarship. Funds are paid 1st semester. An interview may be required with the family.


Amount: Two $1000 scholarships (1 Male / 1 Female)

Eligibility: Student must have been involved in athletics during high school. Student must be of good character. Committee will consider need when deciding the scholarship recipient. Scholarship will be payable upon receipt of grades for first semester and proof of enrollment  for 2nd semester. Grades and enrollment information can be sent to Holt Scholarship, Box 517, Ennis High School, Ennis, MT 59729.


Amount: Two $500 scholarships

No restrictions. One scholarship will be awarded to a student attending a 4-year institution and one will be awarded to a student attending a 2-year trade or technical school. An interview is required as part of the application process for the chamber of commerce scholarship.


Previous Amount: $500

Eligibility:The Ennis Rodeo Association will choose the recipient(s) from the senior class each year on their own. Turn in the Universal Application to Mr. Womacks and he will forward the applications on to Ennis Rodeo Inc. Funds will be paid out second semester upon receipt of a transcript with a 2.5 GPA or higher and proof of registration for second semester.


Previous Amount: $1000

Eligibility: Any Ennis High School graduating senior (having maintained a 3.00 GPA) who intends to apply for enrollment as a commercial student in an accredited college, vo-tech, or business school. The recipient will be named by the Ennis High School scholarship committee. An alternate will be chosen and will be eligible to receive the scholarship if not used by the first recipient.

The cash scholarship will be sent to the college for the benefit of the recipient when the registrar of the college he/she attends sends written notice to First Madison Valley Bank that the student has successfully and satisfactorily completed one semester or quarter of study (The student typically sends or delivers grades from 1st semester to First Madison Valley Bank along with enrollment information for 2nd semester.) Funds are made available for 2nd semester. He/she must have maintained a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be enrolled in the second quarter or semester.


Previous Amount: $250

No restrictions. Selection will be based on these qualities in order of importance:

  1. Student Athlete
  2. Moral character
  3. Good citizen
  4. Financial need

Amount: Two $1000 Scholarships

Eligibility: John Seaman was an active teacher for many years and retired in Ennis. He was active with the youth of Ennis and loved the outdoors and especially fishing and guiding on the Madison River. This scholarship is open to all seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or above. The scholarship is open to all majors at either a 2-year or 4-year school. Payment will be made after student submits proof of enrollment at the university. Enrollment information can be sent to Seaman Scholarship, Box 517, Ennis High School, Ennis, MT 59729.


Amount: Two $500 Scholarships

Eligibility: Based equally on student merit and financial need. This scholarship may be used for colleges or vocational education including in-state and out-of-state schools. There are no specific degree requirements. The successful applicants must use the scholarship award for the pursuit of a post-secondary education within 18 months of graduating high school.

A check for $500 will be mailed to the school of choice at the end of September (during 1st semester) unless otherwise notified. Imerys Talc would also like to write a press release with a brief biography of the students and submit it with a photo of each student to the local newspaper as soon as the scholarships are announced.


Amount: $1000 Total (possibly split)

Eligibility: The Moen family is offering a total of $1000 in scholarships to graduating seniors of Ennis High School. This scholarship may or may not be split depending on the applicants. This scholarship may be used in state or out-of-state. Award is made during the second semester of attendance. The criteria are:

  1. Financial need
  2. Little additional financial help
  3. Motivation and hard work

Amount: Variable (Previously $1000)

Eligibility: Awarded to one Ennis High School graduating senior each year. The scholarship is based on character, grades, and leadership. Designated as an academic scholarship to be given to a deserving graduate for use at a Montana institution of higher education. The scholarship will be paid out 2nd semester.

Ruth Haak Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Eligibility: The Ruth Haak Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to one student who demonstrates financial need, has performed community service, and has an appreciation for the Madison Valley. The Ennis High School scholarship committee will select the recipient.  The scholarship will be paid after the first semester of college based on the student earning at least a 2.5 GPA for the first semester.


Amount: $1000
Eligibility: This scholarship is designated for a student who is planning to attend a vocational education program or an associates degree program in-state or out of state. Scholarship selection will be made by family members and is based on the universal application. The applicant must be sure the following information is covered on the Universal Application:

  • financial need 
  • indicate/document any involvement in community service
First Interstate Bank Scholarship 

AMOUNT:  $500

eLIGIBILITY:  The first priority is for a student pursuing a business program, but all students are encouraged to apply.

Ennis Booster Club Scholarship

Amount: Variable

Eligibility:  No restrictions.  The Ennis Booster Club will choose the recipient(s) from the graduating seniors and may require an interview.  Payment will be awarded after proof of enrollment in an accredited college, vo-tech, or business school.  Turn in your universal application to Mr. Womacks by March 16th for consideration.


Amount: $2000

Eligibility:  Preference given to a graduate with high financial need.  Prefer an Early Childhood major, but will consider all applications.

Turn in the Universal Application to Mr. Womacks for this scholarship.


Amount:  $500-$1000

Eligibility: Complete the Universal Application.  Priority will be given to those pursuing a career in the military, medical field, or civil service.  Priority will also be given to students that demonstrate financial need and that are in good academic standing.

"In honor of a young man willing to give his life for you and me, we are seeking a person with great character and willing to serve others."


The following scholarships each have special deadlines and procedures. Please read through the application procedures carefully. If there is an application packet, follow it carefully. If you are asked to send a letter of application, be thorough and include all necessary information. Be sure to send the application well before the deadline so that it will be RECEIVED by the due date.


Higher education tuition scholarships for graduating high school seniors and alumni whose goal is an arts related curriculum. Submission Deadline is typically April 15th. See the Ennis Arts Association Website for more details.

EAA Members Memorial Scholarship
Amount: $2,000
Eligibility: Priority is given to past applicants who are continuing in their artistic endeavors.

EAA General Scholarship Fund
Amount: $1,500

Eligibility: These scholarships are awarded annually to college or vocational technical school students who plan on enrolling or who are currently enrolled in an art related degree. Consider a broader definition of the arts. Arts include, but are not limited to: visual and performing arts such as music, literature, drama, architecture, interior design, fashion design, web design, drafting, welding, sculpture, culinary arts, music or art education, and elementary education. Scholarships are available to individual residents of Madison County who are current or past graduates of Madison County high schools (Ennis, Harrison, Sheridan or Twin Bridges) or to those who have graduated from high school (or its equivalent) in these districts. For applications contact the Guidance Office at your high school, Ennis Arts Association Scholarship Chair or EAA website: www.ennisartsassociation.org.

STUDENTS MUST USE THE EAA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE (Do not use the universal application). Please return applications to: Scholarship Chairman, Vern Thibodeaux, PO Box 201, Ennis, MT 59729. Scholarships must be used by May 1 of the following year after the award is given. If all academic scholarships are not awarded, the funds are transferred to the workshop scholarships.


Amount: $100 per activity or a total of $200 annually
See www.ennisartsassociation.org for more details.

ENNIS LIONS CLUB (Special Application - See Attachment Below for current description and requirements)

The Ennis Lions Club offers four scholarships to graduating seniors. The Lions Club members will place a LIONS CLUB SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION form in the hands of every senior in a senior class. The Lions representative will also explain the application procedures to the seniors. READ THE APPLICATION FORM VERY CAREFULLY AND SEND THE COMPLETED APPLICATION DIRECTLY TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS: Ennis Lions Club, Scholarship Committee, PO Box 383, Ennis, MT 59729. Questions can be directed to Jim Forsberg at 682-7858. Please DO NOT turn anything in to the counselor’s office. Deadline for the Lions Club applications will be determined by the Lions Club (typically April 1st). Interviews will be scheduled after all applications are received.

Traditional Scholarship (2 recipients)

Amount: $2400 and $1200 respectively. Each is paid $600 per year.

Eligibility: The traditional scholarship is based on student’s overall scholastic achievements, accomplishments, and participation throughout high school. The award is paid after the first semester has been completed. Complete a Lions Club Scholarship Application Packet and submit it before the deadline. Packets will be distributed to seniors in class and available through the counselor’s office.

Lions Legacy Scholarship (1 recipient)

Amount: $600

Eligibility: This scholarship is similar to the Traditional Scholarship, except it will be weighted more toward community service. The student selected to receive this scholarship will be awarded a one-time payment of $600 after completing first semester. Complete the same application listed above.

Lions Vo-Tech (1 recipient)

Amount: $600

Eligibility: This scholarship is intended to encourage the student attending a two-year or vocational school to apply for our scholarship. The recipient will be awarded $600 one time after completing first semester. Complete a Lions Club Scholarship Application Packet and submit it before the deadline.

ENNIS TRUE VALUE - TOOLS FOR TOMORROW (Special Application) Amount: Variable (Minimum of $1,000)

Eligibility: The Tools For Tomorrow Scholarship Program recognizes students from Ennis High School who have excelled in the Vocational-Technical curriculum. Tools for Tomorrow Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding students who are pursuing Vocational-Technical education after high school.

Many local co-sponsors contribute to this scholarship program often making this scholarship worth much more than $1,000. A specific amount that the student will receive may not be available at the time the award is made in the spring. Ennis True Value will have a special application for the student to complete. See Mr. Womacks for this packet (usually mid – April). Applicants are reminded to be thorough in completing their applications.


Eligibility: The Ladies’ Golf Association is offering one scholarship to a senior golfer. If interested, please submit an application to the Madison Meadows Ladies Golf Association Scholarship Committee. The application should include name, address, phone number, educational and career plans, extracurricular activities, awards and community activities. Send all information to: MMLGA Scholarship Committee, C/O Madison Meadows Golf Course, Ennis, MT 59729. Deadline: TBD.

MVRG Weed Committee’s Larry Zabel Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $500

Eligibility: This scholarship is intended for a Madison Valley graduate who will be going on to college. Preference will be given to a student who plans to pursue a degree in agriculture or environmental sciences; including but not limited to: biology, botany, fisheries, forestry and range. Students from both Ennis and Harrison may apply; one scholarship will be awarded. There is not a minimum GPA requirement for this scholarship. The scholarship funds will be paid directly to the student upon receipt of proof of college enrollment.

Process: Complete the Ennis High School Universal Application with a letter of recommendation, resume, and transcript and send to: Melissa Griffiths, MVRG Weed Committee by emailing mvrgweeds@gmail.com.

Deadline: April 8


2021 - Email applications to montanagilmore@gmail.com by April 10th. Mr. Womacks emailed seniors a copy of the application.  There is also a copy at the link on the left-hand side of this page.

Amount: Variable Amount Scholarships (See Attachment Below)

Eligibility: Scholarships will be divided between students attending traditional 4-year schools and those who will attend a vocational-technical school, a trade school, or a community college. A student who applies for this technical scholarship does not compete with the students who are applying for the traditional scholarship.

Please read the application instructions carefully! Interviews will be scheduled after all applications have been received.


Amount: $1,000

Eligibility: Students must complete the application form listed on the Madison County website: www.madison.mt.gov and click the link given. Mr. Womacks will also receive hard copies of the application when they are sent out in the fall.

Dates: Usually March 1st

VIRGINIA CITY ELKS LODGE #390 (Special Application)

Amount: Varies depending on scholarship

Eligibility: Each fall the V.C. Elks Lodge #390 delivers scholarship materials to Ennis High School. Each senior will receive a scholarship packet. For information on what to expect, you can visit the following website: http://www.elks.org/enf/scholars/. Contact information and address will be available with application packets.

Dates: Applications are usually available on the website after September 1st and delivered to Ennis High School in September. Deadline is usually early December and applications must be turned into the local lodge at Virginia City.


Amount: $1000

Eligibility: All seniors attending a post-secondary institution.                                                                          Completed applications are due back to Mr. Womacks by March 15, 2022.


Amount: Variable

Eligibility:  This scholarship is available to any area of study at the college level.  The scholarship will be awarded to a student with good character, one who is active in high school or college activities, and one who is a hard worker.  Applicants must write a letter stating their current educational situation as well as future educational and career goals.  Send letter of application to the Scully Family Scholarship Committee at Ennis High School or give application to Mr. Womacks.  Deadline is April 12th.

John ellingsen memorial scholarship - vIRGINIA cITY pRESERVATION ALLIANCE


Eligibility: Current high school student in Madison County.  Complete their application and essay. 

Due March 1, 2022

Mel McKitrick Memorial Scholarship

Amount:  Variable

Eligibility:  Write a one page letter of application explaining your future career & educational goals, as well as how you will use this scholarship.  

Send your completed letter to Wendy McKitrick at wmckitrick@ennisschools.org.  Due date is March 16th.