Ennis School Garden 

June 17th. 2021

The Ennis school garden is a wonderful place to stop by with your kids and learn about plants and gardening. Tucked on the East side of the school building, the garden provides beautiful flowers, herbs, and vegetables. all of the plants are labeled providing an excellent space for education./Users/raeyagordon/Desktop/IMG_1552.jpeg


The garden allows students to get their hands dirty and grow some of their own food. There is space for each classroom to experiment, and sample what they grow. There are several ongoing projects including the planting of the 3 sisters (squash, corn and beans) in straw bales. The complimentary plants will use the straw as a carbon resource and slowly compost the straw. All three veggies have sprouted and you can track their progress from now until fall!

The weeds came back in full force this spring, and removing them is an ongoing process. Through a combined effort from staff, volunteers, and the kids, some serious progress has already been made! As the weeds are pulled, the plants will have room to flourish. /Users/raeyagordon/Desktop/IMG_5267-1.jpeg/Users/raeyagordon/Desktop/Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 3.24.52 PM.png

All should feel welcome to stop by and check out the garden. It’s a wonderful resource for the school and everyone should enjoy it. 

Submitted by Raeya Gordon, volunteer for the Madison Conservation District.