December 17, 2021

Dear Mustang Families and the Ennis Community,

We made it, whew!!  This week was jam packed full of activities and will round out the activities with a home basketball game today versus Sherdian starting at 2:30pm.  We encourage you to come out and cheer on our Mustangs if you can.  If you are unable to attend, all games are streamed and announced (most of them) on the NFHS network,   

Our Christmas concert was a hit on Wednesday with a record crowd with standing room only.  I am pleased with our students and staff for making the concert a success.  It is sure enjoyable to see our community coming together to support our students. Looking towards the future and if our February 8th bond election is successful, we will have a larger venue for our events, including our Christmas concert. 

You continue to hear me talk about our bus driver shortages.  In the last newsletter I sent on December 10th, I explained options that are being pursued.  One option was to reach out to a potential driver, which was unsuccessful.  The second option was to look at how the district could contract with another entity.  That option is being pursued and information is still being gathered.  Another option was to look at rotating cancellations for a specified amount of time for each of the four routes.   The last option will be to cancel a route altogether, which was stated that the VC would be the most likely to cancel.  No decisions have been made at this time, but a decision will more than likely be made after the break.  We encourage folks to please contact the school if you are interested in driving.  We are willing to be flexible! 

There were three (3) reported Covid-19 cases this week at Ennis Schools.  The cases are STAFF-0, HS-0, JH-0, ELEM - 3.  As a reminder, when we receive a positive case, an exposure letter is sent to the grade level/students that the positive individual was associated with.  We have been fortunate that our numbers have been minimal for the past several weeks and we thank you for your help in keeping our numbers low.  If you have any questions regarding our procedures, please contact the school or visit our website to view our Covid-19 resources. 

Communication is vital and we encourage everyone to visit our school website for information.  A mobile app that is free through Google Play or the Apple Store can be downloaded onto your devices for quick access.  There is also a Ennis Schools Facebook page where information is updated occasionally as well.  I would also like to point out how wonderful our school newspaper is, Mustang Monthly.  We have some very talented students!  To view that newspaper, you can see it in the news section on the schools website or visit

In closing, thank you for your efforts in making our school successful and thank you for giving us the opportunity to teach your children.  We hope that everyone has a great Christmas break filled with happiness and joy. With the various challenges and circumstances that have surrounded us, I am pleased that we as a school district have stuck together and have kept our students the priority.  Merry Christmas.


Casey Klasna - Superintendent